DIY hoverboard

It probably wouldn’t work on anything but flat even surfaces, but it’s still tempting to build your own hover board. Build a fleet and you could start your own hover basketball league or something. The Gadget Show reckons they put theirs together for about £150 utilising the following-

Basic tool set:

* A relatively heavy-duty stapler
* Hacksaw
* Jigsaw
* Drill and a bunch of drill-bits. (A special wood drill-bit that’s the same diameter as your plumbing pipe).
* An electric screwdriver. (Believe me, you’ll need one if you want to save your fingers and palms from bruising).
* A craft knife or scalpel
* An insurance policy with good fringe benefits.


* A 30cc Petrol driven leaf blower engine.
* A bunch of rainwater piping and connectors – whatever size best fits the nozzle of your leaf blower.
* Some form of handy clips that will eventually secure your leaf blower to your board as you might need to put it on and off during building.
* More duct tape than is healthy.
* Serious amounts of screws – small enough to fix through your plastic grommet (see below) or the fastening for your engine without penetrating the underside of your board.
* Plywood – cut to150cm x 60cm
* A very large piece of plastic sheeting – like the stuff they use to line ponds (thick enough to repel sharp stones, thin enough to fold and bend to your will easily)
* A Plastic ‘Grommet’ 100cm x 10cm – made out of three joined-up strips of plastic from the bottom of a storage box and duct taped together (so, three plastic strips 33cm x 10cm that make up one big one.)

via BoingBoing