Don't let Britain devolve

Anti-science is invading the British education system. A growing number of science students at universities and sixth forms believe in Creationism. The good news is that many are failing exams because they quote the Bible or Qu’ran as scientific fact. In response to calls for creationism/ intelligent design to be taught as science the Royal Society will hold a talk in April entitled Why Creationism is Wrong. The award-winning geneticist and author Steve Jones will deliver the lecture and challenge creationists, Christian and Islamic, to argue their case rationally at the event.

For some schools it’s too late.

Very few people seem to be coming back with the logical response to this trend- teach creationism where it belongs, in religious studies along with all the other creation myths.

via Gooseania, where Craig reported on his visit to a creationist’s talk at Manchester University.

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