Daily archives: March 2, 2006

Serenity: the Game

Not really, though you can buy the role playing game. Whilst watching the Serenity DVD on Tuesday (sort of, it was on in the corner of a pancake day party) and yesterday realised that it really is time for a new version of Elite, with added role playing and small squad tactical bits for when you’re planet side.

I guess I could go and download Frontier.

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How to Save the World for Free is looking for a Green home

This blog has been going since October 2004, starting as Spinneyhead’s EcoHouse before becoming How to Save the World for Free. All that time it’s been sitting as a subdirectory of Spinneyhead. Now I think it’s time for it to move out and fend for itself in the big bad world.

I’m looking for a Green hosting solution, hopefully one that costs less than $17.50/£10 a month (which is roughly half the blog’s income last month). If anyone has suggestions please leave them in the comments.

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The Joy of Film

There’s a joy to film cameras that’s missing from digital. Something about the clunk of the shutter closing and the anticipation of waiting for the film to be processed. And in these days of “prosumer” digital cameras and auto everything old manual focus kit can be had really cheaply.

My sister’s been mining EBay and car boot sales for bargains. She’s found a Canon SLR that suits her and has the best kit options, so she passed this camera on to me. She bought the body (Konica TC-X) and lenses for £25.

I got the tripod for £15. I sacrificed a bit of weight and stability for the ability to fit it in my backpack on long bike rides.

Of course, this set up isn’t as convenient as my digital camera, and only gets taken out occasionally, but that’s part of the joy.

(Ironically, the picture above was taken using my new digital camera, a Canon Powershot A620.)

I am so jealous right now

Alan has received (one of) his Airfix TSR-2 kits and I haven’t got mine.

I ordered it through Hannants ages ago, before moving to the new casa Spinneyhead. This, and the fact that the old casa Spinneyhead has one of those “It was too large to get through the letterbox” cards, leads me to think (hope) it may have gone to the old address.


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Little Boy, Fat Man and spinning the atomic bomb

Official U.S. history of atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is more fiction than fact

I’m putting my alternate history tale on hold for a while, but I’m still collecting articles about the secret history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

(You can buy Fat Man and Little Boy models, you know.)

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Russian cosmonauts are set to take the longest golf shot ever on a space walk from the International Space Station. Experts are wondering whether to label the station as a natural obstacle.

In a worst-case scenario, the ball would remain at the same altitude long enough that its orbital plane shifted until it could hit the station side-on, says J C Liou, an orbital debris expert at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, US. “Then you could potentially have something similar to a head-on collision with an impact speed of about 9.4 kilometres per second,” Liou told New Scientist.

The force of such a collision would be equivalent to that of a 6.5-tonne truck moving at nearly 100 kilometres per hour. “So the outcome of the worst-case scenario could be quite catastrophic,” he says. But he adds that such a dire scenario is “highly unlikely” to occur.

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