The Joy of Film

There’s a joy to film cameras that’s missing from digital. Something about the clunk of the shutter closing and the anticipation of waiting for the film to be processed. And in these days of “prosumer” digital cameras and auto everything old manual focus kit can be had really cheaply.

My sister’s been mining EBay and car boot sales for bargains. She’s found a Canon SLR that suits her and has the best kit options, so she passed this camera on to me. She bought the body (Konica TC-X) and lenses for £25.

I got the tripod for £15. I sacrificed a bit of weight and stability for the ability to fit it in my backpack on long bike rides.

Of course, this set up isn’t as convenient as my digital camera, and only gets taken out occasionally, but that’s part of the joy.

(Ironically, the picture above was taken using my new digital camera, a Canon Powershot A620.)