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Film stuff

I get the Northern Film Network e-mail every week and there are always things in there that interest me that I then go and forget. So, for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s, a few links from this week’s missive.

propeller tv

propeller is run by the Image Channel Company Limited, a not-for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of the Grimsby Institute and is supported by Yorkshire Forward.

Together we are actively working to support emerging film and television talent and in the future revenue generated by the project will be channelled into various initiatives; a programme maker’s fund will be established, along with educative skill-sharing services all designed to help budding professionals show their work, gain experience and develop their careers.

The Channel 4 & ITN Archive Competition

Channel 4, ITN and BRITDOC have teamed up to create a new documentary competition for emerging filmmakers. ITN is offering free use of its amazing archive, which contains over 700,000 hours of footage dating back from 1896 to the present day. All entrants need to do is prepare a pitch for a 3 minute documentary. The four best ideas will be commissioned by Channel 4 and broadcast in its 3 Minute Wonder slot. The filmmakers will be invited as guests to the first BRITDOC festival (July 26-28th) where the films will be screened.

This year we have chosen The Bicycle as the inspiration for your films. We want you to look on www.itnarchive.com and use its brilliant search facility to work out what inspires you. To search the archive you will need to register with ITN, and when you do so you should register as a commercial user to get optimum access to the archive. Then, simply use the link below to pitch us your idea for a 3 minute film.

Creative City

Venue: Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester
Date: Thursday 9th March 2006
Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Whether it is film, music, fashion, photography, art, design or theatre you’re interested in, Creative City is the place to be for creative industries careers information.

It’s free to attend and open to all students and graduates who want to follow careers in this sector.

The British Short Screenplay Competition

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Expected delivery time three years (eight months with good behaviour)

Gary Glitter’s going down for three years. The Today programme did say somethging about Vietnamese convictions being reviewed after a third of their length had passed, hence the eight months. When he’s served his time he’s going to be deported to the UK, where campaigners are already looking for something else to charge him with.

He claims he’s been framed and it’s all a conspiracy by “you know who”.


Alvin Stardust?

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Aye Calypso

The little ship that carried Jacques Cousteau around the world 15 times and became a star in its own right is rotting away in a La Rochelle shipyard. The explorer’s son and his second wife are battling their way through the courts to see who gets to exploit the Calypso name in the future.

There are no Cousteau DVDs readily available on Amazon, but you could always buy The Life Aquatic, an odd little pastiche of the explorer’s life.

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Something for the weekend, sir? Now with less VAT

Superdrug are so confident that their campaign to have VAT cut on contraceptives has succeeded that they are reducing the prices of condoms in their stores. The ten month campaign was intended to help bring down teenage pregnancy rates and sexually transmitted infections (and pump up profits as they sell more condoms).

Now, if only someone would start campaigning on the harder sell of cutting VAT on sanitary towels and tampons.

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Bladerunner future here we come

A laser display unit b eing developed in Japan could make floating 3d projections a reality. It utilises an ionisation effect that happens when laser light is focused to a point in air. The beam is invisible to the human eye but, if the intensity of the laser pulse exceeds a threshold, the air breaks down into glowing plasma that emits visible light.

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Lunar Power

A small scale scheme in New York could be the precursor of widespread tidal power schemes.

The appeal of next-generation hydropower is hard to miss. “It’s local, reliable, renewable, and clean. Plus, it’s out of sight,” says Trey Taylor, president of Verdant Power LLC, the Arlington (Va.) startup developing the East River site. Adds Roger Bedard, ocean energy leader at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the industry’s research-and- development arm: “Offshore wave and tidal power are where wind was 20 years ago, but they’ll come of age faster.” By 2010, Bedard predicts, the U.S. will tap about 120 megawatts of offshore wave energy — enough to power a small city — up from virtually zero today.

via Treehugger

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