Daily archives: March 9, 2006

Creative City

A few links from flyers etc. I picked up at the event. I’m doing this so I can recycle the paper and not have it hanging around for weeks on my computer desk-

Indie Quarter

Indie Quarter was established to showcase and celebrate the work of independent designers.

Our blog will be updated regularly to keep you up-to-date with everything indie – fashion designers, jewellery designers, photographers, artists, ceramicists and so on.

Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Islington Mill studios

Manchester MIDI School

Crafts Council Photostore Online

Talent Circle“The UK’s largest online film network for filmmakers, production staff & actors.”

Noise Festival

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Keep your cleaning clean

From The Scotsman- How toxic is your home?

Mary Rayner, from the consumer watchdog magazine The Ethical Consumer, believes many of us are, and thinks we should be aware of the potentially harmful ingredients many of these cleaning products contain. “In an attempt to make us shell out for the latest products – promising ever faster and shinier results – many manufacturers [seem to be] adding more and more toxic ingredients to their cleaners without much regard for the effect they might have on the environment or the consumer,” she says.

Amongst the worst culprits- ammonia, bleach and triclosan

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"Many gamers insist that the only way to play a game is to figure it all out for yourself. I say, buffalo chips."

The anonymous life of a video game strategy guide writer.

The guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, an intricate and violent action game, has sold 748,000 copies, an unusually high number, since it came out in 2004. Mr. Hodgson estimates that the 55 strategy guides he has written have sold a total of one million copies.

via Guardian technology blog

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Sell all your shares in Securitas

The security company’s having a bad few weeks. After the Kent raid, an audacious heist at Landvetter airport, near Gothenburg, netted several million pounds in foreign currency. It reads like a movie script, with cars smashing down gates and men running around on the tarmac brandishing machine guns.

The drama unfolded at 12.30pm (11.30am GMT). Passengers on Scandinavian Airlines’ 9.35am SK524 flight from London Heathrow were ready to disembark after two hours in the air when two cars, a Volvo and a Jeep Cherokee, smashed through locked gates at the airport in south-west Sweden.

Stunned eyewitnesses – some of them British – watched from the windows of the MD81 jet as at least five hooded robbers, several carrying machine-guns, ran towards them. Outside the plane, the gunmen confronted luggage handlers unloading crates full of foreign currency from the hold into a Securitas van, said Gothenburg police spokeswoman Anna Rosenberg. Staff working for Securitas, the company involved in last month’s major heist in Kent, were threatened, but no shots were fired.

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