Music to watch it snow by

The Spinneyhead server is down again as I type this, but I’m postin g it for later publication.

Lord Rich has a bundle of useful links for the free music challenge. I’m not sure that mash-ups and open directories fit into the legal definition of free, but I like some of what I find in them, so I’m keeping it.

It’s snowing and some time today I’m supposed to fit mudguards to my bike…….

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  1. By the sound of it, the spinneyhead server has a broken fan. I will need to do some emergency repair procedures on it (with a vacuum, or maybe some compressed air). Still, it has been going for the last 3-4 years without any major problems. That and I think spinneyhead might have been directly resonsible for it falling over.

  2. It wasn’t me.

    It was like that when I found it.

    The others made me do it.



  3. The server now seems stable again, but I still need to have a proper look at it. The last couple of times it died, it was overheating due to the webserver process…. So how have the stats been?

  4. Don’t tell anyone, but I think Spinneyhead’s traffic is a little lower than this time last year. If you take the sub sites into account total traffic may be a little higher overall.