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The Manchester Way, part 2

The problem with a meeting like this is that the crowd is a bit self selecting. In this case, more likely to skew toward a Mancunian Contract than the Manchester population in general, I think.

The workshops were quite interesting. Council employees were on hand to take notes, so I raised the idea of replacing all their filament bulbs with compact fluorescents. I should follow it up with a How to Save the World for Free interview request. And they gave us a free lunch whilst asking us questions that were recorded electronically from polling boxes and laptops.

There were also some Coronation Street stars, but I’m with the 25% who said they’d rather watch paint dry.

http://www.themanchesterpartnership.gov.uk/, though that doesn’t seem to be working right now. (Try http://www.manchesterpartnership.org.uk/. do hope they didn’t screw up and put the wrong url in those lovely consultation booklets that must have cost so much to produce.)

The Beacons Partnership, regenerating East Manchester.

Challenge Manchester

Wild about Manchester

Manchester Local Image collection

Manchester newspaper archives

Manchester Green City

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the manchester way

the manchester way
the manchester way,
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How will manchester change between now and 2015? That’s the question we’re supposed to be answering today. I’m here to do a bit of networking and blag free tea towels. If i can get some answers about the council’s environmental and transport policies whilst i’m about it, that’ll be book too.
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