Brown to raise the tax on soft roaders

I like the name “soft roader”, it sounds so much more….. English than SUV.

The Daily Mail reports that Gordon Brown may be considering a rise in road tax for the most polluting cars to £200 a year. The new top rate will be for vehicles emitting more than 250 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, catching all those school run monsters and a lot of luxury and sports cars.

Drivers’ groups will be up in arms, of course, and it will only be a symbolic charge anyway. The fuel costs of one of these monstrosities must be huge, bound to dwarf the cost of road tax. Maybe it’s time to put width or height restrictions on roads past schools (with bollards that only raise at school run time?). Or, even better, announce that every £200 raised taxing the mammoths would be spent to buy a bike for a school kid or commuter.

Update The Independent reports that road tax may also be waived for low emission vehicles.

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