Daily archives: March 21, 2006

The Manchester Way, the fall out

It turns out the Coronation Street non-entities who turned up on Saturday to give really uninspiring speeches on what it means to be a Mancunian were paid £9,000.

What annoys me about the report, though, is the assertion that “More than 80 per cent of people at the conference thought [the Manchester agreement] was a “good” or “very good” idea.”

I don’t remember 80% of us ever saying that. In fact, I took a picture of the screen after they polled us a second time and it distinctly says 67.8% thought it was a good idea. Are they fudging the results by counting the “Perhaps”es as people who thought it was a good idea really but were too embarrassed to admit it?

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run to the hills

I’m having one of those days where i really need to escape from the office. Sat here in the open plan, where i can see everyone and everyone can see me, i feel terribly isolated from the stuff that’s really important to me.
The quest continues to build a spinneyhead empire which i can rule from home whilst wearing my dressing gown and between househusband duties.

How to spot the signs of global warming

The Independent thinks the increasingly early onset of Spring is a pretty good sign.

What event defines the spring for you? Maybe it’s the first primrose. Primroses traditionally appear around Mothering Sunday. But last year the countrywide average date for the first primrose was 28 February. And even in these climatically challenged times, February is not many people’s idea of spring.

How about frogspawn? Well, if you live in Cornwall, frogs start to feel the urge around Christmas time. By the time spring comes to the south-west, garden ponds are full of tadpoles.

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