Daily archives: March 24, 2006

Union not-so-Pacific

The Union Pacific railroad is suing a model company for breach of copyright because their logo appears on scale rolling stock. Lots of aerospace and military corporations are trying to shake down model companies for exorbitant licencing fees, and now the railways are getting in on the act.

It’s time for companies to start bringing out really obscure subjects and creating their own pretend corporations to use them.

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Every so often I get an urge to mark Spinneyhead related spots on a map. I’ve not had the patience to sit doiwn and build my own map hack, so I keep trying out services like Platial. I’m just off to register and see if it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

This Wired article pointed me in Platial’s direction.

Update I’ve started mapping all of Spinneyhead’s photos on Platial, and embedded the map in the photo gallery. Can’t quite get it to go all the way and show you the location of the current photo, though.

Update update I’ve taken the embedded map off the gallery page and simply linked back to it because it was a bit ugly where it was.

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It can be a civil war without battles everywhere

Sorry for the rather cumbersome title. The Today programme today had some senior armed forces spokesman on. Amongst the many things he uttered and denied was that the current situation in Iraq isn’t a civil war because there are areas where there isn’t heavy fighting.

A map of the English not-civil war.

A map of the American outbreak of minor disturbances.

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