Shoe print of guilt

Researchers are working on a system to identify shoe prints left at crime scenes.

This classification should be straightforward, said Professor Allinson, because criminals favour shoes that have many distinct features on their soles.

“Luckily criminals wear trainers,” he said. “If they all wore Oxford brogues we would be in a very difficult position.”

The identification system works by subjecting shoeprints to several different image processing techniques to reveal the features on the sole.

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0 thoughts on “Shoe print of guilt

  • Ian

    It was published on Friday, so probably not.

    The comment about the brogues sounds silly, but the unworldly professorese is probably close to the truth. I did start to have visions of scallies takingv to wearing flat soled shoes to go on their thieving rampages (and then falling over and breaking their necks. It brought a smile to my face.