Daily archives: April 4, 2006

Come Off It

Today is Come Off It day, when people are being encouraged to cut their electricity consumption and send a message that there are better ways to cut CO2 production than building nuclear power stations.

If every house saves just a few Watts, that’s one less new power station that we need to build. And if every house saves 100W through simple actions like switching off a light that’s not really needed, or being careful not to overfill the kettle, we’d save not one power station but several.

via EcoStreet blog

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Rugby Central Station Model (2)

For those who remember my post a little while ago, i’m constructing a scale model of the now demolished Rugby Central railway station.

I’ve started to apply brick paper which was printed out on my rather old HP Deskjet 550C. It’s a respectable quality even though all it’s capable of is a rather low resolution when compared to todays printers. I think the model is starting to take shape…

Photo of the actual building
Model photo 1
Model photo 2

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