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I’m not really interested in writing superhero comics (unless Marvel wants to offer me Union Jack or Excalibur), but every so often I have an idea that could be really cool. It seems a shame to keep those ideas hidden, so I’m going to present the basics of my most recent-

Father and Son- A Proposal

Tommy loves his Dad. His father can do no wrong. In fact, he’s a hero.

Robert Dornan is just another middle manager, trying to get through the day without being downsized or doing any real work. His boss is stealing all the ideas he stole from his underlings, the stock options are worth nothing and his wife’s just told him he wants a divorce.

This is entirely the wrong time to start flying. Or shooting energy beams from his fingers. And the costume he keeps finding under his work clothes is different every time, though it always looks like it was drawn by a child. If he’s dressed as a superhero then he might as well act as one. Truth be told, he can’t help himself.

Of course, it isn’t Robert who has the superpowers, but Tommy. His ability to warp reality is limited but powerful. Right now he idolises his father, a distant, powerful figure who knows everything. In the sketches he does it’s always Daddy wearing the gaudy suit and saving the day.

Robert’s superpowers depend a lot on Tommy’s opinion of him. As his son grows older, and the divorce progresses, anything could happen. What if his (ex) wife finds a new boyfriend and Tommy likes him more? What if Robert tells Tommy off just before a supervillain rolls into town?

Since the Marvel Age began, superhero comics have been as much about the heroes relationships with their families as the villains they battle. For one hero that relationship is even more important than ever.

Consider this to be under Creative Commons. Run with it if you like it, create derivative works, sell it to a comics company. But please attach “From an original idea by Ian Pattinson” on it somewhere. (And a slice of any deal would be nice too.)

Originally published as a Cycling on the Pavement article.

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