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Foster Backs New Campaign To Cut Carbon Pollution

Bath’s MP, Don Foster, has accused the Labour Government of lacking the political will to tackle climate change, following the publication of the Government’s Climate Change Programme Review on Tuesday 28th March.

Don has backed the Big Ask campaign calling for a new law to make the Government legally responsible for reducing UK carbon dioxide emissions.

The Government has repeatedly promised to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent of 1990 levels by 2010, including in all three of the general election manifestos that have put New Labour in Government. But emissions have risen by three per cent since Tony Blair came to power in 1997. The revised strategy was supposed to get the UK back on track – but it is clear that it has failed to do this.

Climate Change Is Huge Challenge, Says MP

West Dunbartonshire MP John McFall said this week that climate change is the greatest challenge facing the world today.

He said a new climate change programme has set out the Government’s plan for action domestically and internationally.

It includes:

• a strong focus on a stabilisation goal to frame future international action

• progress through the UN Framework on Climate Change and the G8 dialogue

• a much greater role for the European Union.


Birmingham MP Gisela Stuart has welcomed the announcement by Transport Secretary Alistair Darling of a £26.6 million plan to ease congestion and improve transport links across the West Midlands.

The cash will be used to create a new computerised Urban Traffic Control Centre to manage congested roads. The Centre, which will be based alongside the new National Traffic Control Centre in the Quinton area of Ms Stuart’s constituency, is promoted by West Midlands transport chiefs Centro and the seven local authorities that make up the West Midlands region.

Natural Health Week

Tom Brake dropped into his local Health Food Store, Noah’s Health Food Stores in Stafford Road, Wallington on Saturday 1st April to sample some of their healthy organic food options.

His visit took place during Natural Health Week which Health Food Stores around the country are taking part in.

Tom Brake said, “With concerns about the quality of our food and diet increasing, Noah’s Health Food Stores and other local health food stores are essential in giving consumers choice and information about healthier eating options.”

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