Scotty Solar Charger

The Scotty solar charger, as pictured at the green guy is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can effectively charge mobile phones, PDAs etc. It comes with adaptors for the most popular phones, a USB charger cable and two NiCad batteries which act as a charge reservoir. There’s a belt clip, which is probably impractical except that it doubles as a stand for proper orientation. I don’t know how much charging mobiles costs in electric bill terms and therefore how long it will take for the gadget to pay for itself, but the convenience on camping trips or even long days out would make it worth the money.

Charge your appliances using daylight!
A full charge from Scotty will allow 1 hour talk time or 60 hours standby!
Wear Scotty on your backpack or belt!
Scotty charges mobile phones, palm-tops, personal audio, electronic games and GPS products!
Includes connectors for Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Siemans phones
Also includes USB charger, ideal for many GPS devices and more!
Includes 2 x 600mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries

The Scotty is an advanced, compact solar charger for you to collect and store FREE energy from sunshine or daylight. Scotty smart-charging technology then converts the collected energy to charge a huge range of portable appliances! Scotty uses a pair of Ni-Cd battery cells as a power reservoir and is the essential compact charger for people on the move. The unit features a charging indicator on the reverse, and the quicker this LED flashes, the fuller the batteries are charged. The supplied cables cover the vast majority of users requirements, but additional cables are available from The Scotty is charged fully in 7 hours of sunlight, and this can be as little as 5 hours if the Scotty is used regularly. A fully charged Scotty will provide a mobile phone with 1-1.5 hours talk time or up to 60 hours standby. In sunnier climates, the Scotty can be upgraded to take 1200mAh or even 1800mAh batteries, but these will obviously take longer to charge. The fitted belt clip also doubles as a fold out stand, which can be used to ensure the Scotty is positioned at an optimum angle to receive direct sunlight. The Scotty measures approximately 10cm (h) x 6.5cm (w) x 3cm (d), including the belt clip. When used for the first time, please allow the Scotty to charge for 5 days with the solar panel facing a clear sunny aspect, in order to condition the unit.

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