MSN wants to know how shallow you are

You could take MSN’s Lifestyle Quotient test, but you’d be a sad, shallow person if you scored high. I managed 33 because I live within my means (more or less), cycle rather than waste money on the gym and believe that the person makes the clothes, not vice versa.

Clare Bolton says: “Its all a bit tongue in cheek, a bit of light-hearted fun. We don’t want to depress anybody. We want MSN Lifestyle to be a source of inspiration for those with a low score.”

Of course, once you’ve studied the questions and filled in the form, you may be left agreeing with the American humorist Fran Lebowitz, who said: “Those who use the word ‘lifestyle’ rarely have either.”

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0 thoughts on “MSN wants to know how shallow you are

  • Emily


    I got 38. I’m impressed I achieved that – probably because I have a gym membership.

    Stupid fuckers – “Your life’s a cultural desert; take a trip to the theatre or even a gallery.” Erm no, I just don’t do the ‘cultural events’ that are as much about being seen as seeing.