Daily archives: April 15, 2006

Bring Your Own Big Wheel

Something to do if you’re in San Francisco on Easter Sunday. The sixth annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race sees adults hurtling down one of the city’s most famous streets on kid’s toys.

SIXTH ANNUAL BYOBW, neighbors and police permitting. There are always prizes, one year featured tighty-whities with custom denim iron-on Lombard Street Skid Marks and other years have featured paintings, string art, shellac plaques, and embroidered knit caps and t shirts, all made by me. Lombard Street is of course not the crookedest street, especially compared to Vermont Street in Potrero Hill, but with a built-in international audience and scenic landscaping, who could resist? Prizes are given for all sorts of reasons, occasionally for being first, always for being last, and as the race is designed for plastic children’s toys which are prone to failure when carrying over 80 pounds, winning isn’t the goal here – survival is. Watch a movie made by CTP about the race HERE. This is a free event!

via BoingBoing