Manchester Passion

It’s taken almost as much work to get the video online as editing it together. If the embedded video above doesn’t work, try watching it at the YouTube site. I’m trying it now and the download speed is a bit slow. You might want to pause the playback and go away to do something else for a little while.

We went to the Thirsty Scholar to meet up and have a drink before going to Albert Square (not the best idea as we then stood around for two hours). When we walked in the jukebox was playing “Sympathy for the Devil”. Somehow that didn’t make it into the show’s play list.

The only real disappointment was in the sing-along-a-encore, when Tim Booth’s microphone failed and he was singing “Sit Down” but we couldn’t hear him. Though we managed quite loud choruses by ourselves.


Ickle took several photos and reckons he found himself in the TV footage.

Stephen Newton has a review and a couple of moblogged shots.

Piccadilly Wilson thought it was great.

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