0 thoughts on “what would you pay to see this boy with a beard?

  • wodge

    It depends what kind of beard it’s going to be!

    There should be different rates for a goatee or a zztop type effort.

  • Ian

    True, we’re thinking of taking money towards growing it for longer. £X per day for the first week, £2X per day for the second £4X per day the third etc.
    What really counts is getting permission from his girlfriend, who’s the person who really says what he’s allowed to do.
    All money to the NSPCC (Emily’s choice of charity, as she has eminent domain over Dave’s beard).

  • Emily

    Hang on a minute here! I said I’d consider giving permission for two weeks worth of growth (and trust me, I’ve never seen him with more than about 4 days, and that was bad enough – you would most certainly notice if he grew a weeks worth).

    I don’t think I could put up with a month’s worth – sorry NSPCC – but for a large donation I could maybe manage two weeks – and I’ll even post daily-growth photos! 🙂

  • Ian

    Awww, you’re no fun any more.

    You know, if Dave grew a beard it would prove that he is a man and we’d stop making fun of you for cradle snatching…….

    Failing that, how much would have to be raised before you’d allow him to be hairy for a fortnight?