MPs' Green press releases- energy review edition

The government’s energy review seems to be the focus of this week’s press release round up-

MP’s response to Government’s Energy Review

Sandra Osborne, MP for Ayr Carrick and Cumnock has submitted her views on future energy policy as part of the Government’s Energy Review –”Securing clean, affordable energy for the long term”

In her submission Sandra gives priority to the future role of coal. She states

“In deciding the UK’s future energy mix, a diverse, flexible and secure energy supply is essential if we are to achieve targets in cutting the UK’s carbon emissions, maintain reliability of energy supplies, raise the rate of sustainable economic growth, promote a competitive energy market in the UK and beyond and ensure that every home is adequately and affordably heated. There is no one single solution which can adequately satisfy all of these demands.

As a Member of Parliament for a number of coalfield communities, I would like to concentrate my submission on coal and particularly the need for clear government support for clean coal technology as part of a balanced energy portfolio which can contribute to improved energy efficiency as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

2350 People In Wales Tell Blair “No To Nuclear Power”

2350 people in Wales have signed a petition opposing new nuclear power stations in Wales. The petition was presented to 10 Downing Street this morning by a delegation of MPs and representatives of Friend of the Earth, the Centre for Alternative Technology (C.A.T.) and the Plaid Werdd Cymru.

The petition, which has only been running for three months read, “We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the commissioning of any nuclear power stations in Wales and demand safer, cleaner, cheaper technology.”

Commenting, Jenny Willott, Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, said: “This petition shows there is widespread opposition to nuclear power across Wales. Our message to the Government is clear: nuclear power is not the answer to Wales’ energy needs.

“Nuclear power is prohibitively expensive, has a terrible environmental legacy and is a huge security risk. Wales has huge natural resources to provide alternatives to nuclear power, including tidal power, marine currents, solar and wind.

“Even the Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Hain, is anti-nuclear. Tony Blair cannot simply impose a new generation of nuclear power stations in Wales.”

Nuclear not the answer say MPs

Emily’s Environment Select Committee have released the result of their inquiry into the future of UK energy. The report says that nuclear power stations cannot contribute to meeting our energy needs or reducing carbon dioxide over the next 10 years. The report raises serious concerns about the use of nuclear power over the longer term, including:

*long-term waste disposal

*public acceptability

*the availability of uranium

*the carbon emissions associated with nuclear.

*safety, the threat of terrorism, and the proliferation of nuclear power across the world.

The committee recommends that the government invest in developing low carbon renewable technologies such as wind, clean coal technology, carbon capture and storage, off-shore wind, and microgeneration. In order to meet our energy needs up to 2016 the government should introduce an extensive programme of new gas-fired power stations, supplemented by a significant growth in renewables.

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