Clever trikes and Cameron

The two aren’t connected beyond a declared aim of cutting traffic pollution, but I thouight I’d lump them together.

The Clever is a tilting trike powered by compressed natural gas. It’s the result of EU funded research to give car companies something to think about.

The three-year, £1.5m EU-funded research project aimed to produce a totally different class of private motor vehicle specifically designed for the urban environment.

“The only solutions at the moment are motorbikes or cars” said Ben Drew, a research officer at the University of Bath, one of the institutions involved in the project.


Meanwhile, mister “vote blue, go green” wants to see the return of school buses to combat the school run, and a reduction in carbon emissions from new cars. The thought of voting Tory makes me go green for completely different reasons. All this point scoring over Priuses (Prii?) just reminds me that the Lib Dems have been the only of the three main parties to have been touting eco policies since before they became trendy.

(Meanwhile, the BBC stole the car from one of its reporters to see what it would be like to live without petrol.)

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