Beanz Meanz (no) Fartz

A method of creating super-nutritious but flatulence-free beans has been developed by scientists.

Beans are a cheap and key source of nutrition especially in the developing world, but many people are thought to be put off by anti-social side-effects.

A Venezuelan team says fermenting beans with certain friendly bacteria can cut the amount of wind-causing compounds, and boost beans’ nutritional value.

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0 Responses to Beanz Meanz (no) Fartz

  1. reminds me of the South Park episode where Stan’s dad discovers the cause of spontanous combustion is peole not farting enough …

  2. oh my god! what will happen to canadian comedy?

  3. this …. phhhhpt

  4. So instead of lots of flatulence, you just ferment the beans and get everybody drunk? And this is better how?