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I think i have the only sharansky’s t-shirt left in the wild. Only nostalgia is keeping it from being torn up and used to clean bikes.

Does anyone else still own one of these? Do you too refuse to call it ‘north campus’? Are we old and sad?

(Don’t answer that last one.)
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0 thoughts on “Sharansky's

  • ian j

    i think student direct should take a leaf out of private eye’s book and do a strip called it’s grim up north campus …

  • ian j

    the nat west is still umist branch, cabs will ony come to UMIST gatehouse not the university gatehouse on sackville street …

    i think stevey still has all his beerfest glasses …

  • Brian

    I’ve still got the beer fest glasses from ’89 to ’01 excluding 95 (which I didn’t go to).

    Yes we are all both sad and old.