MPs' Green press releases- who gives a damn about the profits of Tesco

Something of a slow week overall. Tesco’s profits do merit investigation and curbing in some manner, I think.

Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary Praises Weston Recycling Initiative

Alan Duncan MP Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry has praised the recycling work of local waste management and recycling company, Towens of Weston, following a visit with local MP John Penrose.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Duncan said; “The company has an impressive set of recycling kit and an 83% recycling rate. It shows what can be done to protect the environment and reduce the enormous demand on landfill space.

“We’re currently conducting an energy review so I listened with particular interest to their proposals for sustainable energy production. The idea of converting local waste into energy for nearby homes and businesses is an exciting option which deserves detailed consideration.”

Sassy Nappy Fashions on show in 10th anniversary – Real Nappy Week

Mike Hall, MP for Weaver Vale joins more than 147 other MPs, MEPs, Welsh AMs and MSPs to celebrate the 10th anniversary Real Nappy Week from 24-30 April.

Fashion shows, “nappuccino” coffee mornings and hundreds of other events across the UK and abroad will reveal how far real nappies have come in the last decade. No longer just an eco and economic option, real nappies are now a fashionable lifestyle choice.

Biba Hartigan of Women’s Environmental network, which is co-ordinating the week, says, “There are nappies to suit all tastes: bright and funky Day-Glo, leopardskin and tie-dye prints, classic whites and pastels in fluffy fleece, silky-soft bamboo or organic hemp fabrics, and a choice of snug-fitted styles”.



Following today’s announcement of record Tesco profits of £2.25 billion for the past year, Roger Williams, Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon and Radnorshire has warned that the extreme power of supermarkets is destroying Welsh farming.

Commenting on these latest figures, Roger said:

“These figures show the huge imbalance in the UK Groceries market. Tesco’s profits are a staggering 17% higher than last year. Meanwhile, the once-thriving Welsh farming industry is now over a barrel. Producers, farmers and convenience stores are in decline, whilst the ‘big four’ supermarkets have gone from strength to strength.

“These companies are making billions whilst farmers are struggling to make ends meet. On average, three Welsh dairy farmers go out of work every week, while the average income from farming in Wales is just £14,000. Tesco makes profits of £228,000 an hour.

“Supermarkets are raking it in by keeping prices static and passing costs on to the farmers. For every £1 consumers spend on food in supermarkets, just 8p goes to the farmer.

“The Supermarket Code of Practice has proved useless, a toothless tiger since its inception four years ago. If this government is serious about helping our farmers and consumers, and curbing the power of retailers, the Office of Fair Trading needs to extend its review of the groceries market and work toward truly fair trade between farmers, suppliers and supermarkets.”

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