Jake Berry- the blogging council candidate

As far as I know Jake Berry is the only candidate for Manchester in the upcoming council elections (Thursday, don’t forget to vote) who has a blog. He’s certainly the only one who’s had the nouse to tell blogbound Manchester about it, anyway.

I guess he’s standing in the city centre ward, given the bias to that area in his posts, and he wants to become the lone Conservative voice on the council. Best of luck to him, but I wouldn’t be voting for him if he was standing in Withington. He’s right that there needs to be more variety in our local representatives, but my interpretation of that is a move away from the three main parties to smaller ones.

With only three more days to go I need some more information on who is standing locally. So far there’s only been one ignored leaflet from Labour and nothing else.

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0 thoughts on “Jake Berry- the blogging council candidate

  • ikl

    I’ve only had a leaflet from the Green Party a few weeks ago – nothing else from any of the other candidates. I’ve got no idea who is standing in the west side of Warrington let alone what policies they are standing for…

  • Ian

    Slightly ironic that the Green party were the only ones to print leaflets that would most likely end up being thrown in the bin.

  • Damian

    I’ve had leaflets from all three main parties, plus phone calls from each of them to “see if we can count on your support”.

    Which is annoying because I am sure I ticked the “Don’t contact me or publicise my details” box when I returned my entry for the electoral reister last year.

  • Stephen Newton

    I’ve the usual stuff from the Lib Dems promising to convert Urbis into offices and crack down on bars in the surburbs esp. Didsbury where the old folk live.