Tim Hall on what annoys him about some exhibition model rail layouts and other layouts that work-

* Layouts that look good but run badly.
* Architecturally impossible structures, especially bridges.
* Obvious anachronisms.
* Layouts where 50% of the locos is one-off depot specials or short-lived prototypes, which would never have been seen together at the same time and place.
* No attempt to run prototypical train formations despite the correct stock being available off the shelf (N gauge layouts seem to be bad offenders at this; how many malformed Virgin Cross-Country locomotive-hauled sets have you seen?)
* Unpainted brass kettles (I’m surprised how often you see this on finescale kettle layouts)

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0 thoughts on “Verisimilitude

  • Tim

    Verisimilitude is one of those words you always have to find an excuse to use….