Single point of failure

Single point of failure
Single point of failure,
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I’m not sure i like my new official title, even if it is being used to mean ‘Only person who knows what the hell is going on in this database.’ Now that IT has finally noticed my project they have deployed a few staff to understand it and ensure that support isn’t outsourced after I leave.

It seems to be a recurring theme. IT is seen to only do big projects very slowly, so a department gets me to build them a system in a couple of months. This system then becomes so large and important (and in this case unstable in ways I don’t understand) that IT notices it and raises a fuss about not being brought in to do it. This time they’ve even introduced Business User Computing Guidelines for any departments that get ideas above their station in the future.
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0 thoughts on “Single point of failure

  • Brian

    Ah the life of a SPoF. As a SPoF from outside of IT you and your system will be regarded with contempt and suspicion by the department. Scorn will be poured on your designs and use of non-strategic technologies (especially VBA).

    Achieve SPoF status within IT and you will be regarded jealousy and even awe as you survive restructures, right-sizings and invasions of consultants. For doing exactly the same thing.

  • ian j

    back in the 80s the national grid was contolled by a computer that only one guy knew how to handle the programmes of and he cycled to work in the dark in london … just imagine one3 carless cabby and the miners strike ( and much else) would have turned out differently …

  • Emily

    Our company has just bought a brand-new laptop on behalf of a department of a company we work for. It was considered easier to pay us a premium to buy the laptop, install and maintain the software than have their own IT do it.