Chorlton Arts Festival

FRIDAY 19 – SUNDAY 28 MAY 2006

Welcome to the 5th Chorlton Arts Festival. This year brings the biggest programme to date, with over 80 performances, in over 40 different venues, over 8 days. There is everything you could wish for: dance, drama, music, poetry, film, art exhibitions, the arts in schools programme, and the annual arts trail on the meadows of Chorlton Ees.

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0 thoughts on “Chorlton Arts Festival

  • Matt Cox

    Cool. I’ll have to check that out. One question though; how come you’ve got so many ads on your blog. It makes it look so messy.

  • ikl

    Hmmm, there’s loads of different stuff going on – I suggest a Spinneyhead social! 😉

  • Ian

    Not a bad idea. Maybe for the next Bank Holiday. I’m open to suggestions.

    There are a lot of ads. I’m just trying to make some money from the site. The Amazon ones are a test to see how their contextual recommendations cope. They may be moved by the end of the week.