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Channel Chooser

TV on the Internet. I’ll be coming back for a bit of cycling tv, I think.

Peekvid. A selection of TV shows, videos and anime.

both via Information Nation

Update This post is getting a lot of hits, so I thought I’d increase its usefulness for you all by searching out other television streaming sources.

Media Hopper Select a country then choose a station. Haven’t tested it much yet to see what I can find.

Squid TV “Squid TV is the streaming television guide to Live broadcasts and On-Demand video clips from around the world.”

Broadband Television

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MPs' green press releases

Brighton MP backs Bill to combat Ghost Town Britain

David Lepper, Labour and Co-operative MP for Brighton Pavilion, will speak on combating Ghost Town Britain and the need for local sustainability and community involvement at a meeting in the Brighton Centre on Thursday 18 May.

The meeting is organised by Local Works – the campaign for a Sustainable Communities Bill to encourage thriving local economies based on environmental protection, community involvement and democratic participation.

David Lepper said

“I am concerned about the various signs of community decline which could threaten neighbourhoods in Brighton and Hove and are already doing so in some parts of Sussex through, for example, the closures of Post Offices, community pharmacies and local independent newsagents. Businesses which should be at the centre of local community life.

“I am also concerned at the increasing threat to independent shops by the big
supermarkets extending the range of products they offer and moving into locations where they had previously not been represented.”

Crausby calls for action on climate change

Bolton North East MP David Crausby is calling on the Government to speed up the introduction of measures to tackle climate change.

He is co-sponsoring a House of Commons Early Day Motion commenting on the Government’s March 2006 publication Climate Change – the UK programme 2006 which sets out the UK’s current and proposed initiatives to cut UK emissions of greenhouse gases.

Mr. Crausby said:

“The UK accounts for about two per cent of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, with most other countries’ emissions still increasing. Too few people in the UK or abroad are much inclined to abandon, for example, their cars or their cheap flights and the danger is that climate change will increase greatly in the next few decades.

I’m disappointed to note that less than 10 per cent of the publication is devoted to dealing with the UK’s adaptation to the effects of climate change. It talks too much about yet more studies and a quite insufficient amount relates to concrete actions to adapt to the actual effects of climate change on the UK.”

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Tracking the migration of dragonflies

It sounds like an April Fool joke. Scientists tracking the migration of dragonflies have attached tiny transmitters to the insects and tracked them from planes and land bases. The little buzzers can travel as much as 85 miles a day, setting off when they know there’s going to be a useful tailwind.

Each transmitter weighed about a third of a gram and had enough battery life to track an individual for 10 days; but tagging such small creatures is far from easy.

“The challenge is first catching the dragonfly,” said Professor Wilcove.

Once caught, each transmitter was attached with a couple of drops of superglue and some eye-lash adhesive.

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Life On Mars

Life on Mars was one of those TV series that (almost) everyone talked about. Not enough to make me want to go and get a television again, but enough that it’s now in my Amazon rentals list.

Also out tomorrow- Jarhead, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels special edition

Recent releases- Brokeback Mountain, Nightwatch, The Producers

Coming soon- Aeon Flux, The New World, Seven Swords, Memoirs of a Geisha, Mirrormask, Munich, My name is Modesty, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Spaced: Definitive Collectors Edition, Lucky Numver Slevin

All titles in bold I’ve seen and recommend, the others have been added to my rentals list.

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Faux patriotism alert!

I’ve been meaning to have a rant about this all week. Cars all over town are sprouting English flags in the long and boring build up to Sven’s boys losing the World Cup. I got a bit foamy at the mouth and ranty in my comment on the MEN article-

Far too many of those flags are on cars that were made abroad, that are driven to the supermarket to buy food flown halfway across the world, even if it’s in season here.

If people really are so proud of their country they should show it all the time- buy local products- not just whenever “our boys” have a tournament to lose.

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No congestion charge for Manchester

Despite the presence of members of Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority at a conference on congestion charging in Stockholm and new Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander’s comments about satellite tracking, Manchester isn’t getting congestion charging any time soon. I don’t see why this is considered good news, and it’s a bit sad to see the worn old line about improving public transport first being trotted out again.

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