"British values"

So, just what are British values?

The Daily Mail

When people start blaming “politically correct teachers” and “the doctrines of multi-culturalism” I want to reach into the monitor and slap them really, really hard. Sorry folks, but your heroine Maggie Thatcher, and the generations of politicians before and since who’ve tried to pander to the reactionary Mail and tabloid readers, did an order more damage to British society than an army of multi-cultural teachers ever could.

The Mirror

I hope the first guy’s taking the piss, because I’m as unBritish as you can get by his standards. I remained blissfully unaware that the FA Cup final was on until the radio started telling me about the celebrations on Sunday, and I still don’t know or care who was playing.

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  • Tim

    You’re not the only one. On Saturday afternoon I was disappointed that Tescos wasn’t as empty as I’d expected it to be.