0 Responses to Crewe

  1. Moreso than normal 😛
    Crewe was a major railway town back in the day.

  2. Well when you move you’ll have to set out a little earlier to get to the weekly pub quiz then won’t you!! 😉

  3. Choose life, choose not having a huge telly, choose sheep, chose unmatching leisure wear, choose bandwidth, choose someone’s feet, choose cycling, choose recycling, choose moonraker and wondering where the rest of the evening went ….

  4. Avatar smeeta smitten
    smeeta smitten says:

    I’m confuzzled. I miss the pub quiz for a few weeks and your leaving?

  5. Clare has a job in Crewe, hence the move. I’m off to be a kept man 😛

  6. Avatar smeeta smitten
    smeeta smitten says:

    Congrats to Clare. Well done you – I’ve been trying to get kept status for years! so no more house warming party – maybe a leaving one? there’s always Eurovision this weekend……

  7. Avatar Stephen Newton
    Stephen Newton says:

    Commiserations. Ten years ago Crewe was probably commutable, but the M6 is too crowded now.