Heavensent 3.5

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Boran shuffled paper across his desk. Production reports, intelligence reports, statistics for port usage. Lots of things he could look at but not change without permission. The door opened and his assistant bore another armful of documents. “I thought you were going down to the docks?”

“Janssen….. Commander Janssen has something more important to see me about. He just has not called for me yet.” The young man smiled at his boss. There was only a few years difference in their ages- when he still lived in the city Boran could have played in the municipal park with Aylo. Now he had to be guarded in what he said, for both their sakes. A shame, Aylo was a handsome man. “What do you have for me?”

“Traffic reports from the railroad. There is a bottleneck becoming evident in the southern marshalling yards. A report of possible sabotage on the Plains, though it looks to me as if someone is trying to cover for failing in their routine maintenance duties. And these, which are eyes only sealed.” Aylo dropped the last three bundles with a hint of anger. So hard, in fact, that the seal on the top one popped off.

“How are conditions in the city?”


“Not the propaganda about the people of Cora and Munss welcoming their liberation. How are people coping, really? I know that the amount of food coming into the cities- and staying- is a lot lower for the civilian population than it was last fat season. It will be the long nights soon enough, and if we have been starving people through the fat season that is when they will start dying.”

“There are those who would benefit from more food, sir. That is always true.”

“The young, the old and the sick?”


“I will suggest to Commander Janssen that too many deaths amongst the citizenry would have an adverse effect upon the workers and consequently production. He may respond.”

“Thank you sir.” Aylo turned to leave, “If I may say so sir, you are certainly more considerate than many in the command.”

“Thank you Aylo. Do not tell anyone else that though.”


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