The Secret History of Christianity

Did you hear about this case? This guy was born out of wedlock, see, and his biological dad was some kind of lunatic cult leader who years before had ordered his followers to slaughter all their neighbors, right down to the babies in their cribs. The poor kid would never admit or deny that this insaniac was his dad, but his friends all knew it was true, and they thought it was pretty cool. One day when the illegitimate son was in his early 30s, the loony dad suddenly started taking an interest in him, but not in a good way… he had the poor kid tortured and killed just to satisfy his weird insatiable bloodlust. After the murder he started pretending to be nice to people and made a habit of inviting his dead son’s friends over for dinner every Sunday. He’d feed them meat from his own son’s corpse and fill their wineglasses with the kid’s blood! The police still haven’t caught up with him, and it’s been years and years now. Brrrr, gives me the shivers!

Caption to this picture, part of a collection from a walk around “Disgraceland”.

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0 thoughts on “The Secret History of Christianity

  • ian j

    and just in case he gets any ideas about coming back and messing with us again they all wear crosses to remind him what happened last time ….

    it’s just like organising a titanic reunion and have the centrepiece carved out of ice ….