No football here

As we’re all being assaulted from all sides by World Cup propaganda I would just like to announce, as far ahead as everyone else that, Spinneyhead will be an anti World Cup zone. I normally keep quiet about this automatic assumption that all men are really, really interested in football but the fake patriotism and forced laddishness is going to reach critical levels in the coming weeks and I’m going to be here mocking it as much as it deserves. I may go and find out what else is going on when England are playing, to offer respite from it all.

I’m not a bad patriot because I want England to be knocked out in the first round, just someone who hates football.

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0 thoughts on “No football here

  • ian j

    the current sure advert sums the worst up about watching football … the de-humanisation of the mob ….

    we have some of the best commentators in the world on TV so why do people have to drown them out with hooting and wailing … if they listened as well as watched they’d understand better and enjoy it more …

  • NRT

    Same here. I’m British and male, but don’t have the remotest interest in football. I’m not planning to even acknowledge the World Cup.

  • Ian

    I’m thinking of positioning Spinneyhead as an Anti World Cup destination. It would mean I’d have to learn when matches are on, but I might do a “What else is on” guide.