Daily archives: May 30, 2006

The Marra Khans

Descendents of Genghis Khan may be living in Cumbria.

DNA testing has revealed that Tom Robinson, of the University of Miami, shares a key chromosome with the leader renowned for his ruthlessness and savagery.


“I obviously haven’t conquered any countries and, though I’ve headed up accounting groups, I’ve done nothing as big as Genghis Khan,” Prof Robinson said.

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Get Morrissey

What an utter twat the king of self important miserableness is. His message to employees of an Oxford animal testing lab- “we’ll get you“- makes him deserving of a serious slapping. The be-quiffed moron has every right to say he’s against vivisection, and I’d love to see him try to have an intelligent argument about it with a doctor or other expert, but this does his cause no good.

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Hot Hot Wheels

Coop has been in Japan, photo blogging his travels. This set, including customised Hot Wheels, set me looking for other customised Mattel cars. Such as these at JT Kustoms, or Terry L’s page with links to builods and how-tos. I’ve got a few Hot Wheels in a drawer somewhere. It might be time to attack them with the Dremel.

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Heavensent 4.5

Wire had been strung between the trees above the tunnel mouth to catch the radio waves bounced off the atmosphere. Lensman took the coded pages and translated them with a one time pad. There was a simple request and a number of suggested map references.

The squad assembled under the evening sun around a roasting goat. Lensman laid a large map on the flat stone that served as a table. “We have been asked to carry out harassing attacks and sabotage on the enemy in certain regions.” He circled six areas with a wax pencil. “I know some of these targets are on the Plains,” he pre-empted Mov’s complaint, “and there is further to fall back. But they are unlikely to search for us in the mountains.”

Rey leaned over the map. “These three areas are closely grouped. If we coordinate attacks the confusion should allow us time to withdraw.”

“And they are closer to the hills.” Kess added, with relief, “We can block any pursuit easier where the land has proper contours.”

“Four day’s march. Assemble all the equipment you need and we shall leave in the morning.”

Heavensent 4.6
Heavensent 4.4
Heavensent 1.1

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