Heavensent 4.9

Gim counted the time between lift off and landing, and tried to memorise every motion. All he could safely say, at the end, was that they had headed over the horizon toward the smoke he had seen earlier.

They were helped onto a platform that bobbed in the waves. Guiding hands led them up wooden steps- two flights of ten. Then the atmosphere became cooler as they passed into a structure.

The sounds of the sea receded as they walked along a corridor, replaced by the clanging of metal doors and distant shouted orders. They were pressed against the cool wall as a group of five or six rushed past, heavy boots on padded flooring.

There were more corridors, more stairs. They went through a huge room ringing with hammer blows on metal. Eventually they were brought to a halt and the blackened goggles removed. A rating handed the goggles to the officer from the flying boat. “Stay here.” She told them, “Food soon, then questions.”

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