We will laugh the day that Thatcher dies, Even though we know it's not right, We will dance and sing all night.

Downing Street is planning a state funeral for former prime minister Baroness Thatcher, according to reports.

I’m planning a big party, maybe including burning her in effigy.

Labour MP and former defence minister Peter Kilfoyle said the idea was wrong.

“I know that she has been a keen admirer in the present prime minister, but how could such an accolade be justified?” he asked.

“Despite her obvious inclinations, she was not head of state – head of government it is true, but without the historic triumphs and popular acclaim which led to Churchill’s unique distinction.

“He brought the country together in its time of need; she split the country asunder.”

(The Day Thatcher Dies, Hefner, We Love the City)

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