Location, location, location?

I’m trying to put together a map of properties to let in Crewe and Nantwich, so we can work out where we should live next year. It’s shocking how few letting agencies give any indication of where their properties are. Some can’t even be bothered to tell us street or area names, let alone postcodes or even maps. One site had a property list from September last year!

Wright Manley, for example, list absolutely every detail about their lets, including dimensions of every room, but not even the street they’re on.

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  • ikl

    Of course they don’t put the road name in the details on the website. A fair few properties will be empty and if the address is put up then are likely to be broken into. Organised gangs go through letting agency lists to find unoccupied places that will contain easy pickings such as kitchens that can be “unfitted”! As strange as it sounds, it’s true. When my house was being let out I even refused to have a “To Let” sign placed outside for the same reason…

    The website is just a basic guide of the sort of things they will do.

    You have to register with all the letting agencies, once they have your details and know who you are, then they will give you the latest up-to-date information relevant to what you want.