Architecture Week

Buildings are more interesting than footballers (and cleverer, too). It’s Architecture Week. Here’s everything going on in the Northwest region. There are a number of architecture walks that look interesting and the FIBA Awards – Feeble Ideas and Bad Architecture. Should be interesting.

Don’t forget that Bike Week starts on Saturday. Find out more about the best form of urban transport and get your kids interested in a proper sport.

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0 thoughts on “Architecture Week

  • ikl

    You certainly wouldn’t get me paying £5 to go on a guided walk around a little section of Manchester. Are RIBA just trying to line their coffers?

    I had to laugh at one of the events descriptions…

    “Artist Joe Logan and local residents will explore Runcorn New Town and how people have responded to this once utopian design.”

    Runcorn… Utopian? Nope, it was cheap to build by the council run housing associations (Warrington & Runcorn Development Corporation) in the late 70’s and early 80’s. That’s why what is there was built as it was…