Daily archives: June 17, 2006

Utopia in the Highlands

Robotics lecturer Dylan Evans has a bleak view of the future. He believes civilisation will collapse within the next 35 years. To pre-empt the apocalypse he has sold all his possessions and is going to set up a community, Utopia, in the Scottish Highlands.

I agree that we’re heading for major problems, but I’m not as pessimistic as Mr. Evans. It’s entirely possible that our current systems will stop working, but action now could mitigate against the worst possible outcomes.

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More stupid football fans

Family attacked for flying German flag

A GERMAN engineer was left shocked and upset after yobbish England fans threw a brick at the front window of his family home where he was displaying his national flag.

Axel Hellwig, 37, was flying the German flag at his Bramhall semi-detached house when it was targeted moments after England’s victory over Trindad and Tobago. Mr Hellwig’s Brazilian wife Josedna, 38, was also displaying her national flag in the same window.

The couple and their sons, aged two years and seven months, were all unhurt but are now considering moving away from the area.


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