Project Y

The second of my Ford hot rods is about to enter the workshop. The Model Y isn’t going to get a cobbled together chassis, but may suffer extreme body mods.

I’m contemplating a 3 inch (1mm) roof chop and maybe the removal of the running boards. I don’t know if I’ll go the full rat rod route and take the wings off because they’re cast as part of the body and the clean up would be horrendous. If I want to go open wheeled on a project I think I’ll get one of the cars from the DGM range because of the way they’re put together.

The wheels and two of the seats shown are from Taylor Precision Models. I think the bucket might be more in keeping with the theme, but perhaps fully upholstered seats could be the builder’s one concession to luxury.

As earlier images in the gallery show, this car has some chassis details. I’ll probably keep them, though the bumpers have already gone and I’ll try to make it sit lower.

More updates soon.

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