Heavensent 6.4

Tem had chosen to go high. Now, as his wingman bore down on the lead wing, he was lining up for the best pass on the other two bombers. He let off a short burst at the second bomber, tracer passing slightly ahead of the target.

The wing’s pilot over reacted, pulling the plane into a steep bank, losing what little altitude he had and digging a wingtip into the river. The nose jerked down and smashed into the water and the plane began to cartwheel and disintegrate. Distracted by this, Tem overshot the third wing without firing at it. He banked and came around as tightly as possible for an attack from the rear.

Tem closed until he could make out the rear gunner struggling with his weapon, trying to prime it and bring it to bear. The Mima had a one and a half digit cannon slung in a pod under its centre line. Tem placed the gunsight above the gunner and released a burst from the cannon.

The cupola, gunner and weapon disappeared in a series of small explosions. Tem was congratulating himself when the top turret opened up and stitched a series of holes across the wing and into the fuselage just behind him. Tem fired all the planes guns, at this range few of the shells missed, as the top turret fired again. He didn’t feel the bullets that hit him, and thought only of the glory of his death as the fuel tank was ruptured and Betra turned into a fireball.

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