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Profile in Blue

Last year Alan and I set a challenge. If he did a piece of music that sounded like a 70’s US cop show theme then I’d find some footage online and make a video that looked like a titles sequence. I got the video about 95% finished before forgetting about it amidst the house move. We were talking about it last night and decided it was time to release it for public consumption, so-

If you can’t see the embedded video, click through to it on Revver.

Most of the footage came from Profile in Blue, a promo piece for the Nassau County Police Department. The Police car charging down mountain roads is from Joy Ride – an Auto Theft a public safety style piece about the dangers of stealing some dude’s cool ride.

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Heavensent 6.9

“One of the prisoners heard a guard mention a troop train?”


Rey translated the question into Overall for Umat.

“Before sundown. That is all he knows. They would head for the siding south of here to let it pass.”

“We should move out.” Mov suggested.

“We should. But…..” Lensman surveyed the flat, featureless landscape. “If they decide to dismount and follow us, how far would we get before they caught us?”

“An ambush?”

Lensman turned back to Umat. “We have spare weaponry, and what came from the guards. How many of your men will fight.”

The question was only half translated when Umat answered, “All!”

Heavensent 6.10
Heavensent 6.8
Heavensent 1.1

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Whither the Wicker Man

They’ve remade The Wicker Man! It probably won’t be a bad film in itself. Nic Cage is usually quite watchable and it’ll be slick enough. But it’s still a pointless exercise. Most importantly, it seems it’s destined to be a PG-13 (12A?) so the lusty pagans will all remain clothed.

View the trailer.

Buy the original.

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More dumb football supporters- Tennis is not football

Andy Murray is a Scottish tennis player, why should he care about the English football team? After joking that he hoped “anyone except England” won the World Cup he’s been receiving hate mail, specifically comments on his weblog and had to issue a CYA statement saying he “supports English sportsmen and does not mind whether England win or lose”.

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Red China

I’m a big fan of technothrillers, despite the dodgy USA uber alles political stance of most of them. I’m currently reading Plan of Attack by Dale Brown and pondering a spoof/ satire where America loses. A story for someone else to consider is an alternate ’60’s tale involving China invading Hong Kong and a nuclear response.

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Energy efficient bulbs to save the world

Well, not quite, but a review has estimated that a global switch to efficient lighting systems would cut the world’s electricity bill by up to 10%.

“Lighting is a major source of electricity consumption,” said Paul Waide, a senior policy analyst with the IEA and one of the report’s authors.

“19% of global electricity generation is taken for lighting – that’s more than is produced by hydro or nuclear stations, and about the same that’s produced from natural gas,” he told the BBC News website.

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Biodiesel from Algae

Biodiesel and ethanol could be vital parts of the switch from oil dependency, but some of the current means of producing them are too energy intensive and damaging in their own right. PetroSun Drilling Inc. has created a subsidiary- Algae BioFuels Inc.- to research and develop algae cultivation as an energy source in the production of biodiesel. Studies have demonstrated that algae is capable of producing 30 times more oil per acre than the crops currently grown for biofuel production and the resulting fuel is low sulphur, non-toxic and biodegradable.

If they can find a way to break down waste products to provide nutrients, that would be even better.

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Action Sports Environmental Coalition

This is as well suited to How to Save the World for Free as here. The Action Sports Environmental Coalition “serves the action-sports community as the platform to educate and empower individuals, companies, and organizations regarding ecological sustainability and responsibility.”

We strive to bring this community the power to implement creative, forward-thinking environmental and social strategies. As this community grows, ASEC utilizes its collective assets to broaden the horizons of conscious consumption–paving the way for skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, BMX bikers, and those passionately involved in the sports to achieve lasting sustainable benefits for individuals and community institutions. Like these sports, ecological sustainability is not just a trend–it is your chance to get involved and take action in a movement, and to leave behind those companies that only take from you, unconcerned about your needs, your body, your mind, and the fact that you do have a choice.

This is your chance to lead, follow or be left behind.

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As it seems the planning laws will change to make it as easy to mount a windmill on your house as a satellite dish, I thought I’d have a look around for suitable resources.

I didn’t need to go far. Greenphase has a page listing suppliers of domestic wind turbines. In fact they have information about everything Green. They are now bookmarked and I’m on their mailing list.

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