Daily archives: July 1, 2006

Printing your own parts

Internet Modeller has an interesting article entitled Stereolithography & the Future of Aftermarket about the use of 3d printing for prototyping and even production of aftermarket components. I’ve been pondering this for a while. When I get more experienced at 3d modelling I’d like to use it to produce a bunch of figure masters for model railway characters. I’ve even got a list somewhere of suitable subjects. Now all I need is to sit down adn master Blender or Hexagon, the two 3d packages I own.

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Operation Puerto and Le Tour

Some proper sport starts this afternoon with the Tour de France’s opening stage in Strasbourg. However, this year’s race is lacking its two favourites and a number of other riders and teams after suspects in a doping ring were named at the last moment.

It’s still a far more interesting event than this football thing, and this year marks the return of great British hope David Millar. I’ll probably be following it at the Eurosport site and the Tour de France blog I found a few weeks ago.

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