Heavensent 6.13

There were maps showing the disposition of troops across the plains. Rey had taken these for later study. Kess had found more ammunition for his baby long and some sights that promised to be better than his current set. There had been provision lockers in the back of the passenger cars that rendered up cured meats, fruit and spices. They had used up all the stonk rounds they had brought, so they spiked the weapon and took a number of the one shot rockets they had found in with the scuttlers instead.

Umat’s men had acquired medalry and pieces of uniform to go with the guns they had plundered. They lit the pyres, and the train, with spare fuel and the still red coals from the locomotive. By this time it was dark, so the smoke pillar probably wouldn’t be seen, but they left with haste anyhow.

“How long do you think they will last?” Rey asked.

“About as long as it takes for the Air Army to put some patrols up.” Mov answered, “Those vehicles will give them away.”

“Best of luck to them anyway.”

“Oh, aye, but they will need the full blessing of the tower to live any comfortable time.”

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