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Heavensent 6.14

Janssen was in a rage. “You sent those troops out there to stop sabotage, not to be massacred!”

“Yes sir.” Boran wondered at what point the troop train had become his idea. He had been in his office going through the list of the dead and drafting letters to families when Janssen had called for him.

“This after what happened to the wings and in the goods yard!”

“Yes sir.”

“I want you to action this immediately. I want these scum to see what happens when they try to hurt us!”

“Sir?” Boran studied the sheet Janssen was stabbing at. It was a death order, for ten times as many as had been lost in the train ambush. “I cannot do that sir. I will not be party to murder.”

“Will not? You do not have the stomach for it then? No. No, I know what it is. I have read your political file! Get out! I shall order the purge myself!”

That had probably been Janssen’s intention all along- there were multiple copies of the order on his desk. He turned and stared out of the window, trying not to look smug at his manoeuvring. Boran picked up one of the sheets and pretended to read it.

“Are you still here? Leave, I told you. I shall deal with you later.” Boran left, the papers still in his hand.

There were no guards awaiting him in the outer office. The corridors were no more nor less busy than usual. Janssen hadn’t yet issued his internal purge yet. He must still be lining up people to take blame. Boran’s own office was the same as ever- the Army issue male typists of the pool and his own assistant outside his door.

Aylo was a native of the cities. Working as a clerk for the occupying forces, there was every chance he was pure collaborator. But if he weren’t…..

Janssen had already fabricated enough evidence to put Boran in the poisoner’s chair. If he was going to die for treason then he might as well do something treasonous. He unfolded the paper and approached Boran’s desk.

“Commander Janssen has requested some items from the commercial district. I would like you to collect them.” Boran had trouble controlling his voice. He wanted to be curt, the very model of an arrogant Southerner. But the army typists knew how polite he normally was to his clerk, and would get suspicious. He slid the sheet across the desk, tapping a finger on the official stamp.

Aylo studied the list, doing well to control his emotions. “Some of these, erm. Some of these will be hard to procure.”

“Black market?”


“Just so long as you are not caught. I would not like to to explain that to him.”

“How soon does he need them?”

“A couple of days, maybe a little longer. But it would be best if you start right away.”

“Yes sir.” Aylo grabbed his rain shawl. He paused and dipped his hand into the inside pocket. “There is some paperwork for you sir.” He gathered it together. Whatever was in his hand was slipped into the top most folder.

Boran closed his office door. He ran his hands over the folders. His window overlooked the main gates. He watched as Aylo hurried through, hunched against the rain. Now that his fate was truly sealed, he opened the top folder.

Nestling inside the folder was a piece of jewellery. Hanging off a fine chain was a little silver tower, two digits long and half a digit in diameter, finely decorated with tiny runes. Boran kissed the little icon and clasped the chain around his neck.

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Work to Live

Long my philosophy, I’ve never been able to get this quite right. Working fewer hours and having more time off makes us more productive per hour worked and far more efficient. America is moving further and further away from this sensible approach to work, hence Work to Live‘s campaigns for balance.

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They are out to get you

One in three people in the UK regularly suffers paranoid or suspicious fears, clinical psychologists have found. Back at the old Casa Spinneyhead I was certain the squirrels were watching me and plotting.

I know I shouldn’t joke about it, paranoia and insecurity can really mess with your ability to function and I have been in the 40% of people who regularly worry that negative comments are being made about them.

-Remember paranoid thoughts are common
-Share thoughts with trusted others
-Imagine another person’s perspective
-Do not treat thoughts as facts and think of alternative explanations for events
-Try not to ruminate on the thoughts
-Do not let the thoughts stop you from doing what you want to do
-Remember the positive things about yourself
From Overcoming Paranoid and Suspicious Thoughts, published by published by Constable and Robinson

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MPs' Green press releases


Dr Alan Whitehead, MP for Southampton Test, today introduced his ‘Climate Change (Commercial and Public Services Sectors)’ Bill under the ten minute rule which aimed to complete the policy picture with regards to the lowering of CO2 emissions in the UK.

Dr Whitehead was keen to use this opportunity to illustrate that the commercial and public sectors required stringent targets to halt climate change by reducing CO2 emissions by 10% by 2010 compared with 2005, and then by an additional 10% in 2020. This is particularly relevant at a time when the UK looks set to undershoot its own domestic target, of a 20% reduction by 2020, by 6%.

Energy Campaigners welcome Bob Spink MP’s support for Climate Change Bill

A broad coalition of organisations have today welcomed local MP, Bob Spink’s support in Parliament for a Bill to reduce Carbon Emissions from offices.

The MP for Castle Point is one of nearly 200 MPs who have signed a Commons Motion (EDM 2378) supporting the Climate Change (Commercial and Public Services Sector) Bill.

This sector has the fastest growing energy use apart from aviation. With the proliferation of computers and other electronics, its use of electricity, which has a particularly high carbon footprint, is projected to increase by nearly 45% from 1990 to 2020.

The Bill will set legally binding targets for reducing energy usage in the commercial sector and further targets for energy production from renewable sources, Combined Heat and Power and microgeneration.


David Lepper, Labour and Co-operative MP for Brighton Pavilion, has told Friends of the Earth campaigners that he does not believe nuclear power is the answer to the country’s long-term energy needs.

In an open letter to Friends of the Earth David apologises for not being able to speak at the group’s public meeting in Brighton and Hove on Thursday 29 June and writes:

“…while I think it is right that proper consideration should be given to nuclear power, my own view is that it does not provide the answer, stores up immense problems for the future in terms of storage of nuclear waste and offers additional targets for terrorist attack. Reliance on it for energy supply would also be likely to divert attention from the continuing need for research into and support for genuine forms of renewable energy.”

Locally, David Lepper says, park and ride must eventually be part of traffic planning to cut congestion and pollution in city centre areas.

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A vision of 2020

The Independent ponders what the country may look like to reach the Governments CO2 reduction policies. NIMBYs will be terrified, with so many windmills and fields of willow and elephant grass. I like the sound of the latter, put forward as crops for industrial wasteland, particularly if it can be used as anti flood buffering and to reduce water run off.

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Can surfers and wave energy coexist?

The question has been raised by the plans to install a “Wave Hub”, which will connect wave energy machines to the mainland, off the North coast of Cornwall. Some surfers say wave power stations will reduce the height of waves in the area and harm the large surfing business that has grown in the area. Surfers Against Sewage, meanwhile, are confident the effects will be minimal and the gains will be worthwhile.

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UK 'lagging' on renewable energy

This is why I have so little faith in Tony Blair over nuclear power. The Carbon Trust says the UK will only reach 10% supply from renewables by 2020, half the Government’s own target. If there had been a real commitment to that target then changes to planning law would have been pushed through years ago to help place windfarms and all the cheerleading for nuclear would have happened for truly renewable energy supplies.

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Nuclear news round up

Nuclear planning to be speeded up

Local objections to nuclear power plants could be over-ridden under planning changes proposed by the government’s energy review.

Councils could alter the appearance and precise location of the sites but would be unable to reject power plants on the grounds they were not needed.

Trade Secretary Alistair Darling told the Financial Times a “statement of need” would prioritise energy projects.

Do you think this will apply to windmills and wave farms as much as nuclear?

Nuclear ‘last resort’ for Tories

The Conservatives have said nuclear power should be used only as “a last resort” to supply the UK with energy.

Their Energy Review’s interim findings say there should be a “level playing field” for environmentally-friendly sources and other means of power.

Labour argued the Conservatives’ proposals would “set renewable development back by a generation”.

The report then covers Cameron’s comments on decentralising power generation and how the future is microgeneration. It’s almost scary to hear the man talking so much sense because I’m sure if elected he’d fail to follow through.

Blair ‘changed mind’ on nuclear

Tony Blair has told MPs he has changed his mind in the last three years on the need for new nuclear power stations.

An Energy White Paper in 2003 was sceptical about building new nuclear plants, but left the option open.

A government energy review, due this month, is expected to call for additional nuclear power stations.

Mr Blair said he believed new nuclear stations were needed to tackle climate change but wanted the review to decide whether he was right or not.

I just don’t trust or believe this man any more. I can’t help thinking he’s looking for a big glowing legacy more than a secure future.

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