Nuclear news round up

Nuclear planning to be speeded up

Local objections to nuclear power plants could be over-ridden under planning changes proposed by the government’s energy review.

Councils could alter the appearance and precise location of the sites but would be unable to reject power plants on the grounds they were not needed.

Trade Secretary Alistair Darling told the Financial Times a “statement of need” would prioritise energy projects.

Do you think this will apply to windmills and wave farms as much as nuclear?

Nuclear ‘last resort’ for Tories

The Conservatives have said nuclear power should be used only as “a last resort” to supply the UK with energy.

Their Energy Review’s interim findings say there should be a “level playing field” for environmentally-friendly sources and other means of power.

Labour argued the Conservatives’ proposals would “set renewable development back by a generation”.

The report then covers Cameron’s comments on decentralising power generation and how the future is microgeneration. It’s almost scary to hear the man talking so much sense because I’m sure if elected he’d fail to follow through.

Blair ‘changed mind’ on nuclear

Tony Blair has told MPs he has changed his mind in the last three years on the need for new nuclear power stations.

An Energy White Paper in 2003 was sceptical about building new nuclear plants, but left the option open.

A government energy review, due this month, is expected to call for additional nuclear power stations.

Mr Blair said he believed new nuclear stations were needed to tackle climate change but wanted the review to decide whether he was right or not.

I just don’t trust or believe this man any more. I can’t help thinking he’s looking for a big glowing legacy more than a secure future.

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