Daily archives: July 17, 2006

Heavensent 7.5

Most of Mirl’s crew had survived. As they feared, the top gunner had taken a bullet in the first strafing run. The tail gunner had disappeared along with his gun bubble when they had hit the forest canopy.

The wing had come to rest several hundred spans above the forest floor. They had moved around inside with great care, until it became obvious it was wedged fast. None of them were great climbers, and there were too many broken bones to move far yet. They unstowed the survival gear and set up camp inside the plane.

It rained the first night. From the shattered top bubble, Mirl watched the broken branches and loose leaves wash away and began planning.

The next morning they hammered a pool in the metal of the wing. They dismounted the autoguns from the wing mountings, hand cranked the bomb bay doors open and pointed them downwards. Bombs were brought into the main cabin and the explosives gouged from them. The bombardier modified the fuses of tracer bullets to make bomblets- it took his mind off his shattered left leg.

Eventually someone would come looking for them. The Air Army, to rescue them, or the Hidden Army, to desecrate their bodies and strip the wing of the components. In the latter case, they were ready to fight and, in the last resort, immolate themselves and the plane through explosives planted in the last of the fuel supply.

Heavensent 7.6
Heavensent 7.4
Heavensent 1.1

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Steam powered internet.

Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane roped in model-maker Alan Gibbs to provide a steam engine to power their “portable” computer.

One of Deller’s most famous artworks was his reconstruction, with historical re-enactment groups, of the Battle of Orgreave, the most vicious clash in the miners’ strike. Last year he and Kane curated an exhibition of contemporary “folk art” at the Barbican, including sectarian murals from Northern Ireland, village fete cake-decorating, and records of local rituals such as a gurning contest. “We are interested in what other people can do,” said Deller. “Somebody’s hobby can be an art form.”

Holographic solar 25% more efficient

Treehugger reports on a test of a “Gen-1” holographic solar module manufactured by Prism Solar Technology. By splitting the spectrum and focussing a specific wavelength on the photovoltaics efficiency is increased. Also, passive tracking of the sun can generate more power at different times of the day. The test found output was 25% more efficient than an equivalent area of plain photovoltaic, which one commenter calculated would reduce costs from $5/watt to $4.10/watt (initial cost, rather than per watt generated).

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Filling in the gaps

Spinneyhead’s server was down for just under a fortnight. During that time I kept on posting so that there wouldn’t be a gaping hole when it came back online. The RSS feed doesn’t go all the way back to the beginning of the gap, so I recommend checking out July’s archive to catch up on Heavensent and other stuff, including thoughts on the future direction of Spinneyhead and a listing of what I’m calling my Short Tail.

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