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Where's Johnny?

I forgot to mention a couple of things when I wrote about Spinneyhead’s Tail. First up, the “Johnny Ain’t Here” Cafe Press shop. Dedicated to tracking down errant Johnnys wherever they may be. If you see Spinneyhead’s favourite Johnny anywhere please drop me a line. In fact, it might be time to start looking for him again.

Then there’s Frightened to Death by Fairies. Not much in there at the moment, just a remix of Michael Caine’s finest moment and fluttery winged short ladies, but I’m thinking of doing a few more images at some point.

This has been a public disservice announcement. Thank You.

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Backlash on carbon allowances

I thought the carbon allowances scheme was a positive idea from the Government. It probably originated from somewhere more in touch with the problem than the Prime Minister’s office. However others have commented that it could be as far off as so many other ideas. It could be several years before such a scheme was viable. In the meantime heavy users could be punished by taxation, but that doesn’t offer the balancing incentive that allowances would.

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Bees and wildflowers decline together

Specifically, the diversity in bees and the wildflowers they rely on are declining in step. Habitat alterations, climate change and modern industrial farming are all factors in this decline. This isn’t just a bad thing for bee lovers, as pollination by insects is estimated to be worth between £20m and £50m every year.

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MP's Green press releases


Commenting on the launch yesterday of a climate change ‘Action Pack’ for local authorities, Bath’s MP Don Foster said:

“Councils have proved they can be far more innovative than central government, and they would be able to achieve even more if they were given the freedom to do so.

“The Government must now give councils the powers and tools they need to go further and faster.

“Liberal Democrat led councils have been leading the way on initiatives tackling climate change. I am delighted that the Government has now come on board.”

John Baron MP helps lay foundations for new Aerox Waste Treatment Plant

MP says this experiment is very important

Today John Baron MP joined the Cleanaway Pitsea Marsh Trusts’ Annual Review Day, by visiting the proposed site of Cleanaway’s new Aerox Waste Treatment Plant in Pitsea Landfill site. John was joined by Doug Benjafield (Chairman of Cleanaway Pitsea Marshes Trust – CPMT) and Ben Purcell (who is designing the plant and is Project Manager) and local councillors.

John said:

“This project is very exciting. It is designed to take out the methane from biodegradable waste and therefore is very environmentally friendly – methane being 21 times more dangerous to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.”

“Initiatives like this are terribly important to our future. Other technologies may or may not succeed, but it is important that all options are explored in order to make our world a safer environment.”

“My congratulations go to Cleanaway and Ben Purcell for pushing this experiment forward. We will know by the spring of next year whether it has been a success or not. If it has, then this process could be rolled out across the country for the benefit of all.”


Local MP David Heath has responded to the publication of the Government’s energy review.

“The Government has been in office for 9 years and we have just received a second energy review. What does it tell us? That decisions will be made in the future. We are continually told by this Government about its concerns for energy security and climate change and yet when it has an opportunity to show some leadership on the issue they have responded with little of substance.”

David Heath MP for Somerton and Frome, then went onto outline what should be done.

“What we need is a holistic approach which has all sections of society working together to reduce energy usage, increase energy efficiency and produce measures which will give us both energy security and carbon reductions. Climate change is a reality and we need concrete proposals and concrete action now. The current malaise where we continue with what has worked before while making small changes and placing our faith entirely in future technological revolutions must end. We can do more, for the benefit of our economy, our national security, our environment and our children and I will be pressing the Government to take its responsibility seriously.”

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